Fields of Interest: Macroeconomics, Housing, Monetary Policy and Economic Growth

My research focus on two main areas: housing and structural transformation. In housing, I incorporate micro-founded features of the housing market into macroeconomic models to study the interplay between monetary policy and the housing market. In structural transformation, I study how the sectoral composition of the economy explains the slowdown in aggregate labor productivity growth. Methodologically, I use a mix of theory and empirics to study the aforementioned research questions.


[August 7, 2020] VOX EU column on One Money, Many Markets [link]

[July 1, 2020] One Money, Many Markets now published as a working paper at the IMF and CEPR series

[May 12, 2020] New working paper! We measure sectoral supply and demand shocks during COVID-19, with Pedro Brinca and Miguel Faria-e-Castro alt text

[April 24, 2020] My first blog post! Replication of FAVAR in the original BBE (QJE, 2005) paper [link]

[April 21, 2020] Opinion article calls for a task force to coordinate the reopening of the economy [link]

[April 1, 2020] Opinion article that puts forth a novel fiscal proposal to help fight the economic consequences of the COVID-19 crisis [link]

[March 22, 2020] My COVID-19 data analysis that displays the number of deaths adjusting by population and estimates the true number of infected is now live [link]

[March 21, 2020] new version of my working paper “One Money, Many Markets” is now available. alt text